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Garuda Mini Weeder
  Garuda Paddy Power Weeder  

Gaurda paddy power weeder is powered by Premier Hawk 1.75HP 2storke petrol Engine. It is a user friendly weeder designed and developed by TNAU, Coimbatore. It is a compact low weight machine, self propelled with durable floating system. It is centre driven with worm gear box for transmission. There are four blades on either side, which will weed two rows at a time. The weeding width would be 150mm. It is equipped with high speed rotating blades with 300 rpm and is centrally driven. Due to compactness and less weight it is easily maneuverable between crops with great speed. It is best suited for Paddy crop weeding by ROW PLANTING METHOD. Garuda Paddy Weeder comes with 25cms width kit along with the weeder and 30cms is optional.


  • Low Maintenance & Low Weight - 17 Kg
  • Adjustable row spacing and quick land coverage
  • Suitable for 15,30 and 45th days of transplantation.
  • Suitable for Machine Transplantation (SRI Method) and Manual planting in rows.
  • Easy to operate and single man-power operation.

Inter-crop weeding done in the curry leaves plantation